FidoFoto - Maureen Holtsbaum Photography

Welcome to FidoFoto - a branch of Maureen Holtsbaum Photography.  I offer mobile pet photography at an outdoor location of your choosing.  Each 20-minute session is just $65 and includes access (within 24-48 hours after your shoot) to an private and secure on-line gallery of web-ready images for you to download and share on social media or via email.  HD prints and novelties can be ordered after the fact and are priced separately.

To get the perfect shoot,

- select a location where your pet is familiar, comfortable and preferably able to roam off leash

- arrive early to ensure your pet has an opportunity to check out the location and run off any excess energy they may have

- bring along your pets favorite toy or treat to help keep their attention during the shoot.

To schedule a shoot or ask a question, follow the links below to either email me directly or message me through Facebook.