Welcome to FidoFoto - a branch of Maureen Holtsbaum Photography.  I offer mobile pet photography at an outdoor location of your choosing.  Each 20-minute session is just $65 and includes access (within 24-48 hours after your shoot) to a private and secure on-line gallery.  I guarantee a minimum of 5 high-definition images for you to download and share or print as you wish.  Prints and novelties can also be ordered through me and are priced separately.

I also offer monthly min-sessions (March thru October) at a variety of off leash dog parks through-out the area.  During these times, I'll be on location for a 2-hour block.  Bring your pup anytime during this period.  I guarantee one photo-finished image that'll be available for download from this site within 24-48 hours.  Cost is $15 per dog if preregistered and prepaid or $20 per dog if paid day of, on site.  The schedule of 2020 mini-sessions is below - please note that sessions are weather dependent and subject to change without notice unless registered.

To schedule a private shoot, register for an upcoming mini-session or simply ask a question, follow the links at the bottom of this screen to either email me directly or private message me through Facebook or Instagram (while you're there, don't forget to follow me!).